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Day 24: Yoga Every Day

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It’s National Cat Day. I had to find a Yoga Cat.


Desk Jockey Yoga …

I’m a writer. I spend a lot of time at a desk. Currently I’m spending a lot of extra time at the desk because I’m toiling through the last push of edits on the current Work In Progress.

There are lots of studies about how sitting all day is killing the modern man slowly. Women are not immune. What sitting all day and gravity do to our insides is ugly (do a Google search and you’ll decide to do a marathon tomorrow, for real).

Microfarming has helped me a lot to get moving again (nary a day goes by that I don’t get my 10k steps, especially when I’m working outside). But, it’s still not enough. Walking and hiking with my dog also helps. But, it’s not enough either.

c1e7ccb33ce072f404faf5fda21a65bd4fcac4c3b0bda109d3257e40335672bdI was looking for specific yoga moves I could do at my desk, and much like the bathtub yoga, I found it. It’s chair yoga, or as I’m calling it: desk jockey yoga. It’s designed to help folks who are sitting all day get the blood flowing again and reset their internal organs from desk jockey stature to healthy use again.

I did chair yoga today. Twice. Once during my morning session and again midday. It helped push an extra hour of work out of me. It was brilliant. Also, super easy for folks trying yoga for the first time, who have limited mobility, or whatever reason they need the modification. Doesn’t matter the reason, it works.

I hope you all are enjoying going on this yoga practice journey with me. It’s been a great education so far. Imagine where we’ll be at Day 365?

Do you think you would like to try desk jockey yoga?




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