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Day 22: Yoga Every Day

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Full Moon Yoga…


Oh yeah, can I feel that Hunter’s Moon energy! Woohoo. Did a sweaty flow session in the morning (still going through the on-demand and recorded programs of yoga classes), then stretched again in the middle of the afternoon (I’ve been doing a little mini stretch session with my afternoon coffee time).

40c0cf0ba06821df95e63087ff633e36Today’s stretch was Happy Baby, which I always feel absolutely ridiculous doing. Therefore, there is no photo of me doing this (also because no one willing to take the photo has been home when I’m practicing).

BUT, damn does that use all the muscles for which I always struggle with stiffness. stretches and opens up the chest, hips, calf, and groin. This pose lengthens and realigns the spine (something I need oh so badly). It also strengthens the arms and shoulders. Interestingly enough, it will compress the abdominal organs.

My last Yogi told me that performing Happy Baby pose regularly can help calm the mind, relieve stress and fatigue. It does. I can testify.




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