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Day 18: Yoga Every Day

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Just as I was about to get 20 minutes to myself today to do my yoga, I got a knock at the door. My neighbor’s granddaughter came over to let me know that her ball had flown over the fence and bounced into the fenced chicken run my girls were ranging in, it startled them and a few “flew” out. We won’t theorize whether this ball throwing was purposeful or not. I like my neighbors. Truly, they are good people who believe in my special-needs son to find his place in this world.

Regardless of intention, I was that crazy micro-farming urban homesteader chasing her egg layers in the back yard. Fortunately, I was able to shoo them into the duck’s night-time enclosure and pick them off one by one and get them back in the Coop De Ville.


However, that plucking required triangle pose, child pose, and something akin to the yoga squat. Chasing a few chickens around and yogic like maneuvers to get them back in their roost was my work out.

It’s been a hell of a week. I’m doing good with my meditations. Today’s “exercise” wasn’t exactly technical, but I’m going to count it as I noticed as soon as I was moving my body, I was more conscious of my breathing, the strength, length, and flexibility of my muscles, and didn’t feel as out of shape as I did just two and a half weeks ago.

Tomorrow, a real-live, long session. I promise.

Anyone following along with me? Or am I on the top of Yogi Mountain all alone?










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  1. I got a kick out of the illustrations and the story, both. Keep doing it!

    • Every. damn. day.

      I have noticed that having a sense of humor is going to get me through this challenge.

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