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When life throws tomatoes at you

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Hello Fiction Farm fans.

I have been very absent.


But absent.

Not absent in my life, but absent from here.

I am missing the interaction here and the outlet.

So here’s a brief update:

11642116_10207033045726901_1867241211_oThe farm is flourishing well, everything is planted and the fight against pest and disease is ever-constant.

We’re fighting new development surrounding us.

The old duck – new duck integration has been painful. Ol’ one-eyed Joe just wants everyone off his lawn.

I had a sick chicken, Spock. She is doing well now.

My dad still has cancer and he’s still fighting it. More chemo, more surgery. More worry.

My children have challenges that continue to push my creative problem solving. #LifewithAutism not withstanding.

Thrasher Hive #1 as of June 1, 2015.
Thrasher Hive #1 as of June 1, 2015.

The bees are about to get a third brood box and honey super. Although, I’d like to move their location (this is a difficult task and may risk their happiness, so won’t happen just yet).

My Work In Progress is moving forward albeit slowly because I still need to do other editorial work to pay the bills. As usual, fiction farming is feast or famine.

I have good news coming, but I can’t say anything about it… yet. The waiting is painful.

The news headlines make me miserable. Why as a nation are we still so ignorant?


Life has been throwing many tomatoes at me.

I continue to try making sauce, salsa, or reduction sauce with it.

So, what’s new with you?

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  1. Darian Carson Darian Carson

    I am right there with you sister! This week has been full of gut-wrenching whammies that I didn’t see coming. One that I had great hopes for that left me awake in the middle of the night crying tears of pure frustration was a community meeting I went to. There is the possibility that we could open a women’s and children’s shelter in a house in our neighborhood. I am excited and I can’t wait to see the renovations to the house, I can’t wait to get our first family (no men allowed, but Mother’s or caregivers with their children or wards of any age), I can’t wait to volunteer! I can’t wait to push little ones on the old tree swing and blow bubbles in the backyard.

    Instead, no one wanted to listen to anyone else. They were impatient with the informational presentation. They demanded specifics when this was literally the first open house meeting just to gauge the feeling. They said we were playing cat and mouse and being disrespectful and that we were going to endanger their children (and property values). I was brokenhearted.

    Then again, I believe that God is good and that he can redeem any situation, so I will continue with others along this road. It’s 173rd Ave & 24th St in Redmond by the way. Those are all the specifics we have right now!

    This is not cancer on Father’s Day [:(], or autism [go Wonder-Mom!], or a beloved pet who is sick [so glad to hear he is doing better!] but it was sad. I hope you don’t mind me sharing. I so appreciate your honesty, your hard work, your positive attitude, your determination, your dedication to your kids, and so much more! I just wanted to share because you were so thoughtful in your post and then at the very end–you invited me to be thoughtful and share too.

    Thank you so much Casz!
    (aka WonderX where X equals whatever task you are doing at that time, i.e. writing, farming, bee keeping, fighting for autism awareness, etc!)

    • Thanks for sharing — aka I’m not alone. Thanks for the kind words. Community meetings can be so difficult. I honestly think they should teach civil discourse in school. It’s a skill most folks do not have.

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