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A Brunch Recipe that explodes with flavor: Bacon Bombs

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Da Bomb for Football Brunches -- or any brunchy brunch for that matter.
Da Bomb for Football Brunches — or any brunchy brunch for that matter.

So because I live on the West Coast and our favorite NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks often play on East Coast time, we do a lot of Sunday Morning Football Brunch gatherings. I stumbled on this recipe for Bacon Bombs, and of course I had to put my own spin on it. There wasn’t a bomb left after the first quarter. Total hit. I will make these again. Next time I’ll probably do all pepper-jack cheese. That was everyone’s favorite. Sorry, Dad (he doesn’t like spicy).

Here’s my spin on the recipe:


2 tubes refrigerator “Crescent Rolls”

Cubed extra sharp cheese (1-1″ cube per Bomb)

Cubed Pepper Jack Cheese Optional for kick (I have a couple of guests that don’t do spicy, so we did ½ and ½)

Frozen cubed hashbrown “O’Brien” potatoes (the ones with peppers and onions in them)

2 lbs. of Bacon (1 slice per Bomb, so about 16 slices)

5 or so long skewers

9 x 13 baking dish



Preheat oven at 375 F. Pour a little bit of O’Brien hashbrown mix in a bowl for easy access to individual potato pieces with peppers and onions. Cube up the cheese. Separate the pieces of crescent dough into individual pieces. Place one piece of cheese inside a crescent triangle along with a couple of hashbrowns along with one or two pieces of peppers and onions. Roll the dough up around the filling nice and tight, pinching and holes closed. Wrap each rolled Bomb in a slice of Bacon, and secure it with a skewer. Fill each skewer with three bombs per and put skewer across a 9/13 baking dish and let it hang over the end of the baking dish (see photo). Bake for 45 minutes, rotating halfway through cooking time.

DIY Bacon Bomb rotisserie.
DIY Bacon Bomb rotisserie.

Let the bombs set for at least 5 minutes, then push off onto a paper-towel lined serving dish. Serve and enjoy!

You can keep these warm in a 170-190 F oven if need be. I think these could be made ahead of time and frozen. Just only cook half way, then freeze. When you reheat for your gathering, cook the rest of the way plus a few minutes for the frozen factor.

There will be a little leakage – even wrapping the bombs super tight. The oozy cheesy goodness just makes it that much yummier.

Go ‘Hawks!

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  1. Deb Jones Deb Jones

    That looks soooo great, i think they will be terrific for the bacon i take off the turkey Xmas day. But, just to be sure, i will definitely have a dry run

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