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Update: A Safe Place for Bean

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Bean hugging a Great Redwood. He’d hug you, too, if he could. Thank you.

It would appear that my family and me have some folks to help us paddle. As I told you just a mere 10 days ago, we’re in the midst of reaching out for help to assist our Autistic son in launching into adulthood. The story behind the whys and whatfors is found here: A Safe Place for Bean. 

I’m happy to report that we’re just $700 from our goal, which is a phenomenal feat — seriously. My friends, my community, even complete strangers have reached out and validated through sharing and caring that even though there’s no resources for young adults like our son, they understand the “it takes a village” principle and have stepped up.

Our gratitude is overflowing and our hope that we’re on the right path to help our son is growing. Thank you for continuing to share our fundraiser via social media, email, and word-of-mouth avenues. A deep heartfelt thank you to those who have contributed.

Remember, when this campaign of “partial participation to success” is done, these resources will be passed along to another family in our situation in kind.

Thank you again, and may your generosity come back to you threefold.

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  1. It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thskan!

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