Inkster Dispatch: Cross Your Fingers & Mums the Word

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inksterJust a quick dispatch from Inkster here. For those new to Casz’s Fiction Farm, I am Casz’s Writing Superhero alter-ego. I swoop in to tell you of great news. We can all blame Aaron Dietz for my existence.


In the “best news in a while” category:  Casz got a short story accepted! However, she can’t talk about it yet. Also, she made the first cut of the Amazon Breakthrough  Novel Award in the Young Adult category. Fingers crossed that she makes the next round. You can cross your toes that her latest submissions also get accepted at other places.

Work on the initial draft of WHEN A RAVEN PECKS OUT YOUR NORMAL continues, as does the final edits on SECOND THOUGHT. Keep sending your good mojo that these projects complete and find publishing homes.

Thanks for reading. Tell us what creative project you’re working on right now.

Inkster Out.

Darian Carson

How did Aaron Dietz create “Inkster”? If it is another blog post I’ll go look for it, but if not, please explain. 🙂

Congratulations on the acceptance! And the making of the cut for the Amazon award–how cool would that be?! I am hoping and praying that it will make the next cut just as easily as it did the first one! 🙂 Crossing fingers and eyes for the new submissions too!

Did you ever hear back from the Amtrack people? It would be so cool to get a grant to write on a train! I thought of you instantly! 🙂

Now to the To Do list in the garden before the rain comes back! That is creative project number 1. Number 2 is a new version of a flower chart for my mom-in-law who grows and sells her own flowers to wedding florists and B&Bs and Doctor’s offices and so on. (She’s pretty much amazing!) Anyway, version 1 is a few years old and she has added and taken away some things. This one is hand drawn in colored pencil and I think I will redo it in watercolors since my MIL so graciously gave me some awesome ones for Christmas last year! 🙂 Check back soon…


When his book Super released, I went on the book release pub crawl, where we were encouraged to allow our inner superhero to come out. Inkster was born then. After reading the book, Inkster had a permanent spot in my psyche.

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