Harvest Creations: Gardening To-Dos for February

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Prepping now to get this^ later. Come on spring! (Photo by C. Brewster)
Prepping now to get the above later. Come on spring! (Photo by C. Brewster)


Take note, this may not be your list, as you live in a different area/zone. My area, depending on who you talk to, is between zone 7 and 8, so I have to watch the weather a bit.


Well the peas got put in the grown right on time for the January to-do list and then we got hit by the Polar Vortex. Surely, the Polar Vortex those of us in Twin Peaks experienced, was not as bad as say, my poor friends in Montana (looking at you Melissa, Bob & Coni, and Kelsey), but I will likely have to replant those seeds. We’ll see.


Other than that, I was able to get most everything done. With the freeze and one freak snow storm – again, like back in December, it snowed heavily and then quickly rained and melted anything, some of the weeding is on hold. Like any farmer, weed control is my least favorite chore, albeit gives me time to think about stories. We’ve had in total about 8 hours of snow this winter here. Not good for our snow-pack, hydro level this spring, which means I might have to invest in the rain barrel sooner than we were planning. Upgrades to the micro-farm come in stages around here, remember, my main job is struggling author. Therefore, rain barrel might come before we re-plant the orchard area.


What I need to do this month:


Not before the daffodils pop

(I see shoots, but no blooms yet, likely weeks off, so may merge into March):


  1. Take the transplants from inside starts outside.
  2. Plant successive planting of radishes, carrots outdoors
  3. Plant spinach, turnips, and reseed peas, if necessary. outdoors
  4. Cover any new sprouts from January plantings (radish, carrots, peas) on cold nights
  5. Plant indoor starts of dill, parsley, basil
  6. Put more compost down on naked beds
  7. Prune rose bushes
  8. Trim out-of-control shrubs (I have one that has been untouched since we moved here four years ago, that desperately needs topping.)
  9. Plant successive indoor starts of lettuce, cabbage, and start broccoli, bok choy, swiss chard, kale, brussel sprouts.
  10.  Do an inventory of tools, and get anything sharpened that needs sharpened.


What zone are you in? What are your farming chores this month?

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