Harvest Creations: Beans & Greens Stew (Meatless Monday Recipe)

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During the winter months, when I’m just using canned, frozen, or dried goods from the Thrasher Studios Micro Farm, I have to expand what is considered a Harvest Creation.

I’m going to try to make sure that whatever recipe I give you, has at least three things that I grew myself. This week’s Harvest Creations features SIX things grown right here, and preserved right here. Talk about knowing where your food comes from!

(Step One – Click to Enlarge)

This week we’re going to tackle Beans & Greens Stew. I have two children that are vegetarian and my spouse and I try to eat meatless at least once a week. Meatless Monday is a staple in my house and has been for years. I’m always trying to expand my Meatless Monday recipe file. Because we try to make sure that both vegetarian and herbivores in the house are provided for, we end up eating fairly healthy.

The base for this recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Garlicky White Bean and Kale stew, but has been altered to add a meatier texture (my one son could possibly be categorized as strictly carnivore), and to use things from my stores. What we came up with – Beans & Greens Stew – was a far less scary term for my youngest who scrunches up his nose at things that aren’t bacon cheeseburgers, pizza, or fried chicken. To his credit, his favorite meal is grilled chicken breast and Mom’s Veggie Broth rice. But, left to his own devices, he’d not necessarily eat very healthy every day. Recipes like this one help counter that.

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The great thing about this recipe is that it’s super fast, too. That’s a good thing, because Mondays in our house always seem to be exhausting. Are Mondays like this for all of you, too? I always try to make my Meatless Mondays something in the crockpot, or something, like this recipe that can be created within like, 30 minutes. This one definitely qualifies.

A note about the ingredient list before, I’ve notated with a * if this is an ingredient from my stores – grown right here on my own property. It could be dried, canned, or frozen, but I know strictly where it came from. If it’s something I’ve procured from another farmer or authentic organic producer, I’ll notate the ingredient with a #.  This recipe, however, relied strictly on my own stores, which is pretty freaking cool, in my mind.

Beans & Greens Stew

Serves 3-4


Knob of coconut oil or ghee (Trader Joe’s is a great source for coconut oil or ghee. I used their organic coconut oil. It’s a staple in our home.)

1 Red Onion, chopped*

6 cloves garlic, minced*

1 teaspoon smoked paprika (I like a little extra in this. I LOVE paprika, especially smoked)

5 bay leaves *

Pinch chili flakes*

Sea salt

Cracked black pepper

1 12 oz. package soy crumbles (we call this ‘feat’ in our house:  fake+meat=feat)

2- 2 ½ cups cooked white beans (I used a combo of navy & cannelli)

2 cups packed shredded Swiss Chard (stems and stalks chopped fine)*

2 cups vegetable broth*

1 can (14 oz.) organic whole tomatoes*

Cold-pressed olive oil to garnish

(Step Three - Click to Enlarge)
(Step Three – Click to Enlarge)



1. Heat a knob of oil in a large stockpot (my 5-quart Dutch oven worked well). Add chopped onion to the pot (Step One), and cook for one minute. Then add a couple pinches sea salt, chili, bay leaves and paprika (Step Two). Cook for a few minutes until the onions have softened, then add minced garlic. If the pan becomes dry, add a little juice from the canned tomatoes.

2. Add all other ingredients (Step Three), bring to a boil, season to taste, and serve with a drizzle of olive oil (since everything is cooked, you don’t need to heat it long). If you are going to let it simmer for a while, add the Swiss Chard about 5-10 minutes before serving so that it retains more of its nutritional value.


This pairs well with a nice red wine. This shows my second bowl. I loved it so much, I forgot to take the photo before I dug in. Yum!
This pairs well with a nice red wine. This shows my second bowl. I loved it so much, I forgot to take the photo before I dug in. Yum!

If you decide to make this, please comment here and let me know how you liked it.

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