Free-Range Fiction: Popeye’s Child

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Editor’s Note:  Due to a hardware crash with our site’s server, this is being reposted. It may not be completely as it’s original content, but as close to it as we can get. Thank you for your understanding.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting Free-Range Fiction weekly. My freelance life has picked up some, so ‘disposable’ writing time, as it were is at a premium. However, I saw the artist’s portrait below (if you click on the photo it takes you to his web site), and have been struggling with some very personal family issues. Wa-la, 

Popeye Art – Realistic Drawings by Lee Remao

Popeye’s Child

Where you hide

I stand naked,

I’m an easy target

In my easy abandon
I stand brave
While you cower
in comfort

In you I see
and busted

My honesty
My exposure
is freedom

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