My 2013 Happiness Project: Riding August’s Roller Coaster

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This hearkens me back to before we moved to Washington and the whole family spent the day at Cedar Point. The Gemini was a favorite. This month feels like I’ve been riding a roller coaster nonstop.



August has been a summer roller coaster for me. As for My 2013 Happiness Project, it seems to be mostly up. I apparently love doing all things spiritual most days. Save the five days where I was taking care of a very sick family member, I’ve hit all four of my goals every day.


Here’s the goals again:


New Inspirational Reading

Outdoor Altar set up

New Meditation Practices Investigated

Plan a retreat



New inspirational reading has been very easy because I also, in the beginning of August joined a group lead by the soul coach and spiritual leader, Denise Linn. Denise set up a group called, Letting Go-Step into the Flow. The focus is just that:  letting go and going with the flow, which is a mindset and skill our western culture seems to struggle to attain. It’s been inspirational, and has given me some body-positive thoughts for this month, as a side benefit. Not a focus, mind you; but, it’s been good all the same. Via her facebook page devoted to this month-long journey, Denise and all the people in the group post uplifting messages and goals. It’s been like having 2,000-plus cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms for me at the click of a mouse. I’m loving it.


As far as my outdoor altar, I spent the first few days looking at examples and how others have created their outdoor sanctuaries. I’ve a whole pintrest board set up with nothing but examples and plans for spiritual outdoor created spaces.  Then there was a period of caregiving and I had to stop looking. I finally decided on a few things and decided there would actually be more than one space. First up, however is to create a mini one on my back patio.  Hubby and I are both waiting on some checks to come in and then I’ll be purchasing some items to help complete the space. I’m also going to undo some vegetation that is blocking a great view from my patio. At any rate, it’s been a great exercise and will future enhance the happiness of my living space – my home.


New meditation practices investigation has lead me to decide that I truly would like to apprentice under a Transcendental Meditation Veteran. I’ve meditated, as well as I can, using Zen-like practices, guided meditations (yes, you can get an app for that!), and other disciplines. But, I’m very intrigued by going further. I know that my PTSD and the acute stress I live under will be well served by TCM – there is much science to support it as well. So, now begins the challenge of finding such a person and paying them for their time.


Going away when each day I don’t work I don’t get paid for and being a mother and homemaker and microfarmer, etc. etc. etc. is difficult. Yet, I know I need a retreat, both with my spouse and alone. I’ve created a tiered wish list for both. For instance, for the retreat with my husband, the sky-is-the-limit level is a trip to Hawaii. The next level is San Diego. Lastly, is just a cabin in the Wenatchee forest for a weekend. I’m still creating that list for myself, but they all revolve around writing. I’m pleased by my passions, what can I say. Creating the time as well as resources to go is a whole other level of the challenge, but I have a few more days in the month to figure it out. It may take me until the end of the year to get it all figured out, but I aim to do just that.


How are your happiness-seeking goals going? Has 2013 been a better year for you? We only have four more months in the year. It will be interesting to find out what our “grade” is for the whole year. So far this month I’m rocking the roller coaster and having fun.

Sheri J Kennedy

Sounds excellent, and I’m glad you’re finding a supportive environment for goodness in your life. I have a good friend who has done TCM for many years. Would you like me to contact her to see if she’d be interested in introducing you or finding someone you could apprentice under?

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