Danger: Grumpy Writer Warning

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I spent the last four months writing each and every day without fail. It’s been an incredibly productive time. The focus on my art has been inspiring and filled me with great contentment.

Then school let out and my writing space was invaded by unscheduled children and visiting relatives. The last six days has been spent catching up – I haven’t seen my parents, brother or sister in more than 5 years – and drinking way too much wine. And not writing. Okay, I wrote a little bit. A paragraph here and one article there. But my days were full of playing tour guide and hostess and …not being a writer.

I’m grumpy. I keep swallowing the urge to be mean, too. Thankfully I realize what’s happening and don’t give in to the desires to curb-stomp those around me.

I was going to cancel my writer’s group on account of the visitors and the excellent weather, but I went anyway. I feel a bit better. I’ve not lost all the grumpiness, but at least I penned this and resigned myself to write fast and furiously after the last relative is taken back to the airport and the children have run off to bike, swim and play with their friends.

In the meantime, I suppose I will allow the stories and characters and other ideas to run rampant through me, through my mind and set up camp until they can run free and play on my pages, much like my vacationing family and children.

What has interrupted your writing time and how did you cope?

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