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National Poetry Month: April 21 to April 30, 2013

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I’ve been writing, but posting is another thing. The month continues with many challenges with my son, my business, my ability to stay focused and healthily engaged.  So, here it is May and I have yet to post the rest of April’s poems.  But I did write them. I did learn some things. Not convinced it’s my medium of choice, but it felt good, like a cat stretching in the sun to do it.  I know I’ve grown in my ability to look at things differently and express them in small, concise, or unique ways. It has given me good hope for continued growth.  It allowed me to play with words, concepts, emotions, formats, like a child with blocks:  building it up and knocking it back down. I dealt with serious things and not so serious things.  Hopefully you find some smiles, nods, even a tear or two, or a cheer in these poems below. Here’s to a month of learning and looking forward to May — and continued hopeful progress in the positive direction.  As always your comments are deeply appreciated.  If my compositions have touched you in any way — even in the realm of negative — I want to hear from you. Thank you for reading and spending time with my words. 

April 21, 2013:

 Ride Ends And Love Lost Yore

 (aka Adverb suicide)


Really it’s not that hard

Early in the morning you

Attend his funeral

Lying there serene and silent

Lost in a terrible tragedy

Yanked back too soon

Too dead


You can’t sty but you must

Leave now

Lose hope


Endear yourself to indecision

RIP, my love


April 22, 2013:

 Adverb Demon Exorcizing


I really

You really

He really

She really

They really


Screw the really


Be in the Now


April 23, 2013:

Ode to Coffee









Rich goodness

Liquid of Modern Goddess



In my cup,



In my mouth,

Bathing my tongue

In the juice of energy

Fuels my world

My view

My life


April 24, 2013:

 In the darkness

In the depths

Of your mind

I know you’re there

Trying to get out


For release

To be free

Of the pain

The plight

The hand you were dealt

You rage

In the cage

Of your brain


But the words

Come out


Go away

Give up

Let it end


April 25, 2013:

You know

How do you know

That I’m confused

Or that I’m energized

That I’m saddened

Or that I’m giddy

How do you see

That I’m beautiful

Or that I’m haggard

That I’m strong

Or that I’m weak

How do you hear

That I’m profound

Or that I’m foolish

That I’m excited

Or that I’m agitated

How do you taste

That I’m provocative

Or that I’m parched

That I’m refreshed

Or that I’m exhausted

How do you touch

That I’m eager

Or that I’m weary

That I’m soothed

Or that I’m bored

How do you know

Just how to






To know me


April 26, 2013:


Your little frame

Held one hundred

Stones of nervous


The employers take




In a man’s world

Unschooled always


Your tiny feet

Seized thousands

Paths of confused


The victory of saving




Five-and-Dime or

Lunch counter dreams


Your wearied hands

Contained millions of

Stalwart cells


The chicken for dinner




With too much or

Not enough salt


Your eight decades

Arrest too many

Favored or unfavored


The yellow for painting




With too much stuff

Hidden in the basement


Your faded photograph

Recall secreted adventures

In black and white and color


The story for telling




Cryptic past found

Veiled by ignorance


April 27, 2013:


They cut the trees down yesterday

Chopping down my hope

That this village

Will remain committed to

The Good life


The farmer sold his land yesterday

Procuring my acceptance

That this town

Only wants money-grubbing

Developers to Win


The young family moved away yesterday

Shifting the landscape

That this neighborhood

Suffers a for-sale sign death

One home at a time


Time to turn the tide today

Plant new trees, deeper roots

That this community

Can once again grow hope

Wear greed cancer once lived


April 28, 2013:



Rain on my mood

Fill my eyes with water

Fill the gutters with pelting

Dowse the cheers, joy

Dowse the land with mud

Quench father winter’s thirst

Quench shadow heart’s humor

Drown my soul in grief

Drown the hope for spring



Sink into the river


April 29, 2013:


I remember Kitty

Soaking Up the Sun

A wink and a smile

Mai Tai in hand


She’d cuss like a sailor

Yet soothe skinned knees

Of her two toe-headed boys

Then make wild love


She’d stand where others

Dared to tread or park

Preaching Women’s Rights

While ignoring her own


She’d declare your beauty

Despite your objections

While fussing about her

Self-loathsome, but divine frame


I remember Kitty

Infusion of contradictions

Stirring my world

Capturing my heart


April 30, 2013:

Walpurgis Nacht


Down by the garden gate

At the end of Witch’s Hollow

A stooped figure tends

Green, lush herbs to create

Alchemical needs

Of the one on the path

Her hands caress the leaf

The fern, the bud, the stalk

The dried and the dead

To flame the fuel

Of life in the

Beltane Fire

Swept together by

Last year’s besom

The stranger’s silhouette

Falls over her frame

“You block my rainbow,”

She coos with a smile

He grunts and sweeps her

Into his burly, wool-covered arms

Sunshine and Shadow

Mingle and Search

For union in the herb patch

Flora and Faunus


Throughout the Night

Until he leaves again

And leaves her to

Burn Bright

Until the cool

Air comes again

Down by the gate,

She’ll wait again

Another bon fire

Another night

For now,

Burn Bright

And grow


The light

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  1. Loved the “Walpurgis Night” poem. In fact, I think I loved all of them.

    Did you enjoy doing the Poem a Day? Are you continuing in May?

    • I did enjoy it. It really made me stretch the craft aspect of my writing life. May will be a time to finish SECOND THOUGHT and hopefully get it out the door to agents. Then June is revision of INTERFACE — finally. It’s a manuscript I started in 2005.

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