National Poetry Month: April 16 to April 20, 2013

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Once again, I’m keeping up with writing each day, but not necessarily posting them. Here’s nearly a week’s worth. I will post another round after the April 22 black out in support of “Internet Blackout Day” (many website owners, including yours truly, will blackout their websites on April 22 at 6:00AM GMT in protest against CISPA, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).  Enjoy now and after the black out. Please comment, truly, it makes it all worth while. 

April 16, 2013:

Inpatient Buck

I see him running

Chasing his dream

So young, full of flight

He wants it now


He’ll work hard

Not a problem

But the reward

Comes so slow


It strolls into

His fast life

When he wants

To race to the


Finish line doesn’t

Come the way we

Want it, no

It has its own agenda


Patience, Young son

Learn all you can

Apply it, and jog

Along side

It’s the journey, not the destination


April 17, 2013:

Tea Party

Set the teapot

Warm the flame

Check the Scones

Adjust the curtains


New Neighbors and Acquaintances


Drink the liquid gold

Hot cheeks, laughter flushed

Nibbling sweet treats

Open hearts and minds


New friends and conspirators


April 18, 2013:

Growing Roses

Sixty-five years of rose bushes

On the south side of the house

On the north side of Detroit

Gloved 85-year-old hands shake

As my young buck arms hold

The debris bucket

You talk about all the children

Rambling Red,

White Rugosa,

Lily Pons,

And, Margaret Chase

You sing hymns as you

Make cuttings for the

Church, Neighbors

Too bad I don’t have

A place to put a cutting

You say

The world is so different now

Not batter

It’s how

You say





Roses, they are always beautiful

You treat them right

They bloom brilliant and full

They hold still to paint

Not people

They move and people disappoint

My seat gives away my disgust

Yet I remain mute and empty the bucket


Roses can’t hug

Roses can’t hold the

Bucket or Listen to

You bitch


But I remain, because

I hope my presence shows you


Aren’t the only thing

You got.


April 19, 2013:


What is tough?


Is it survive the war?

Is it survive the day?

Is it survive the abuse?

Is it survive the disaster?

Is it survive the fight?

Is it survive the meal?


The job?

The marriage?





Or is it something different

For everyone?

All I know is that I’m

Still here


That’s a

Good start


April 20, 2013:

Painting Life Scenes

The red ball

Is tossed in

Rich Green Grass

It bounces near a rusty


Chased again by

Golden dog

Nudged into


Wheels of Tricycles

While Skinned knees

And smudged Sneakers

Hound a wiggling tail and the

Globe of Joy

Behind the Crimson barn

Memories glow

In sunshine

A slice of my



A light in

The dark

Just follow

The bouncing ball

in the

lush lawn of



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