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My 2013 Happiness Project: February is about Love

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It’s convenient that Saint Valentine’s Day falls within February and perhaps would give me an excuse to concentrate on the love in my life; however, it simply is coincidence, serendipity – whatever you’d like to label it. January was about some self-care issues, mostly; February, for me this year, is all about caring for others.

Remember the four tenets of M13HP were:

Meaningful Activities

Appreciation & Gratitude

Play & Experiencing New Things

Family & Friends

Each and every resolution needed to fall under the canopy of one of those subjects.

January’s percentages looked like this:

Sleep Better: 64 percent

Exercise Better:  41 percent

Operation Organization:  93 percent

Art Investment:  93 percent

My average is 72 percent, which in my world is a passing grade. Obviously, I still need to work on Exercise Better, but I found that each day I’m thinking about exercise, which is an improvement. It’s been many, many years – 2003 to be exact – since exercise was a daily part of my life and even my thoughts. So, score one for Casz.

All of these things have become habit. Sleep is now a priority in my life and it’s the biggest self-care thing I can do. I get less stressed when problems pop up, when my kids are acting up, when I can’t get a story out fast enough, or (insert problem here). Sleep, it’s the most underrated drug on the planet.

My house. An organizational masterpiece considering I’m the only one keeping things organized. Each and every day I’m still doing :15 to this goal and, again, it’s a new and improved habit. Wee!

Investing in my art had some payouts in January. My work is not only on my etsy store but can be found in a local gift shop here in my home town. Again, home run for me.

So with this success I look to this month. February, as noted, is about love. My goals are this:

February:  Remember Love

Quote:  “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu

A Hug A Day

Be A Real Friend

Self-Love & Care

Clarify Signals (Marriage)








*Discipline with love

**Investigate friendship, figure out what’s real and act on it

***Something every day to take care of yourself (schedule of self-care, et al)

****Communicate better about needs and be open to improvement, touch more

What doe these things mean?

A Hug a Day is so that I remember to make sure I’m hugging each and everyone of my family and friends, as well as disciplining (teaching) my children from the foundation of love. Mostly I already do this; but, when I’m stressed is when I want to try to remember this.

Be a real friend is a journey I’m planning on reading and researching about what makes a friendship strong and then apply it to my life. Sometimes I feel like people are my friends, but then I find out its false and I’m left with lots and lots of hurt. So, I am going to examine what’s real and what’s not. This shouldn’t be too hard a job as I spent most of December and part of January shedding relationships that did me no good. I have a few stragglers I need to discard, as it was, but that will come likely this month.

Self-love & Care is because I’m very, very bad at this. As it is right now, I’m fighting a virus and I’m writing and cleaning and doing laundry. I need a nap, a foot soak, and some absolute loafer time. Or this bug may keep me from earning potential this week. I do not want that. So some self-care and showing myself the love I’d show my family and friends is necessary. Each.And.Every.Day. I’m actually going to set up a monthly matrix of little self-care things to get myself in a “routine” (since I do well with routines) and hopefully this will become a new habit.

Clarify Signals is going to be a doozy. It will probably be the hardest one this month. Most of the conflict with my spouse and I comes from mixed signals. We both need to communicate better about needs. When I touch my spouse in a loving (non-sexual) way, he’s always surprised. That shouldn’t be. In our daily life of day jobs and child rearing and house upkeep, I think the relationship between us gets lost. Just touching every day to help communicate in a very small way how much he means to me is the goal. Just a touch when we pass in the hallway, or making sure we kiss goodnight or goodbye or…whatever the moment calls for, is what I’m looking at improving.

February is a short month, and I want to keep that in mind that there’s not a lot of room for falling off the wagon. Each day I have to focus on these.

The first day of February was not the greatest. I got sick (still fighting it today), hubby worked late, we have massive money blues; however, I think I hit a homerun with my kids and friends. Sometimes life is like that. The scales aren’t tipped fully in the positive, but they aren’t full in the negative either (hopefully you didn’t ask me that at about 8:30 p.m. last night, however – I might have growled out a different answer at that moment). It has balance. And that’s all anyone can ever ask for from life, right? If you’re getting the best anyone can get, you have to be happy, right?

We’ll see.

How are you doing on your resolutions? How are you doing on your specific goals?

Here’s wishing you lots of love this month.

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