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Month: May 2012

Brewing a Revolution

Follow Casz’s Fiction Farm on My copy of the Farmer’s Almanac and my Witch’s Calendar both said last Thursday (May 17) was a harvesting day. I have found that the little Almanac and those that follow the old and/or neo-pagan ways know a little something about planting and harvesting…

Harvest Creations: Early Strawberries and Heritage Rhubarb Pie — straight from the Thrasher Studio’s Urban Farm

I’m calling it heritage because I got the rhubarb start last year when my former neighbors were moving. They had lived on their property and in what their grown children consider the family home for more than 35 years. My neighbor had planted the rhubarb the first year they were in the home. So, I have named the Rhubarb “Heritage-V” after their kind souls.