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Month: February 2012

Dropping the F-Bomb: Where Fox News Makes Feminism A Vulgar Thing & Rape Is A-Okay

Follow Casz’s Fiction Farm on Mostly this blog is for writing-, cooking-, and gardening-centric posts (not necessarily in that order).  However, today I must share something a bit more political in nature. But it shakes my core values, so I will cope with it much as I do everything…

Free-Range Fiction: Tackling the Unlikable Protagonist

Once again I’m being lazy as far as idea creativity goes and leaning on the fabulous Chuck Wendig and his weekly challenge to the writers who follow his blog. It deals with the unlikable protagonist. This story below is the beginning of a work-in-progress, SLIDE. Likely will be a novella because I don’t think it will have enough steam to be a novel-length project. Believe it or not, most of the story deals with Miranda Dabrowski. Here is the introduction. Let me know how you like it, as always.