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This Is What A Librarian Looks Like: Ur Doin’ It Wrong Culture Must Die

I’m being ridiculous in my headline, because I’m pretty pissed off. Still. Only in 2014 can you try to do something good and be slammed for it. Give me a few minutes to share my tale of woe and shame … Continue reading

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Harvest Creations: Gardening To-Dos for February

  Take note, this may not be your list, as you live in a different area/zone. My area, depending on who you talk to, is between zone 7 and 8, so I have to watch the weather a bit.   … Continue reading

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When I was in the service, my first set of orders sent me to a unit in Frankfurt, Germany. My Army job, a photojournalist, meant that I wasn’t necessarily going to spend a lot of time in Frankfurt. No, I … Continue reading

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My Outlook for 2014: Fiction Farming and Beyond

I live with this voice inside my head that thinks that all these things I do – self-improvement, goal-setting, trying to have a positive outlook is a bunch of feces of the male bovine. It screams, “Poser!” “Fake!” “Failure!” It’s … Continue reading

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Kill Your Fear, Kiddos & Spiders are Nerds

Look at this photo (aka internet meme): You looked away too fast. So, please, now look at it again. I’ll wait. … For at least half of the people reading this, more than half of the people I know in … Continue reading

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