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Fasting to Honor the MLK Legacy

Over the years, I’ve been hearing more and more about people unable to do “service” on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day do a daylight fast to honor the discipline, willpower, and sacrifice that MLK had to endure in his mission … Continue reading

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Inkster Dispatch:  She’s a hot mess, but there’s still good news

  I have just spent the last 30 minutes searching for a notebook where I had done an idea exercise. I generated about 50 ideas for my blog to tackle this year. Can I find said notebook? Nope. I tore … Continue reading

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2014 End-of-year wrap-up! A Digital Yule Letter…

Blessed Solstice and Happy Yule! Family, friends, and devoted readers: I’m taking the lazy way out this year. Since I didn’t even do the lazy way last year, I’m counting this as a success. My annual letter is being printed … Continue reading

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I’m ruining my children; I’m not alone

Every once in a while I have to step out of the write-life, micro-farming, foodie-being, book-hoarding, and talk about my life as a mother. I wrote the below in another forum. A month away from it, I’m calmer (I started … Continue reading

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Update: A Safe Place for Bean

Today’s Fun Brought To You By You! Good news! We’ve purchased the trailer. It’s adorable! It’s really clean and well-maintained for its age. Best of all, it’s just the right size to implement our mission of partial participation towards adult … Continue reading

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