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When I was in the service, my first set of orders sent me to a unit in Frankfurt, Germany. My Army job, a photojournalist, meant that I wasn’t necessarily going to spend a lot of time in Frankfurt. No, I … Continue reading

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My Outlook for 2014: Fiction Farming and Beyond

I live with this voice inside my head that thinks that all these things I do – self-improvement, goal-setting, trying to have a positive outlook is a bunch of feces of the male bovine. It screams, “Poser!” “Fake!” “Failure!” It’s … Continue reading

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Where our creative heroine battles an army of self-doubt

After Thanksgiving prep, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving clean-up and prep for Yule, my art bench is back up. I painted for the first time this morning since all that nonsense started. It felt really good.   Two of my four beta readers … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s MFA: Making Time for Writing

Editor’s Note:  Due to a hardware failure on our host server, this article is being republished. It may not look exactly as it originally appeared. Thank you for your understanding.  I have a few of friends who have recently completed … Continue reading

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Breaking out of my shell: my first visual art

I haven’t done visual art. At least not what I consider visual art. Performance art, sure. I had my drama-dork days during college. Yet, writing has always been my go-to form of expression and creative outlet. But since I started … Continue reading

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