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Dealing with Rejection: dive in, pitch again and don’t forget the bologna sandwiches

Follow Casz’s Fiction Farm on You may have thought I skipped the internet-verse; but in reality I was stuck in — dun-dun-dunnnnn! The Editing Zone! Well, more like the revision zone.  Between the end of July and mid-September, I was all up in the grill of my manuscript (mss.)…

I am not Stephen King

Over the past five years, the bubble of my life has thrown off any person who doesn’t get that I’m a writer. That it’s weaved into the cloth of my entire being. That telling the stories of the voices in my head is first and foremost what I must do each and every day. I have surrounded myself with people who are themselves writers, and only those non-writers that have taken a moment to realize that not every writer is Stephen King and still has worth and provides benefit to the greater global literary community.