Day 52: Yoga Every Day

Gobble Gobble Yoga…

This is how I felt today:







I did not participate in any Black Friday craziness. My big tradition is to go and write on Friday morning at my favorite creative spot in my Twin Peaks community. Even though I was able to move my short story forward and the session was good, I was still feeling like good ol’ George there.

It was not just from too much food and too much drinking the night before; but, we also had — fortunately post-company — one of the worst #LifewithAutism meltdown bouts  we’ve dealt with in awhile.  It interrupted the entire household’s evening of sleep (and likely some of our neighbors, for which I apologize). Fortunately, de-escalation was reached and we tried to get back to that which is considered normal in our household.  Lesson Learned:  remember that the holidays can overwhelm my dear Aspie Kiddo and I need to take better preventative measures.  How after nearly 20 years I forgot, is beyond me. More evidence that when you think things are going well, you can’t forget that other shoe WILL drop.

Regardless,  I forced myself away from the living room where company had returned for university rival football and did a few standing stretches and meditated.









The feasting left me lethargic and made me think that in ancient times I have no idea how they dealt with the feast and famine eating situation. However, they did.

images (10)






During the meditation, I recentered on the fact that my life was full of relative safety and security.  Warm running water, heat, shelter. I don’t ever take these for granted. Also that my spouse and I have determined that this Yule season we will focus on Comfort and Joy for our celebration.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you remember to take care of yourself?








Day 51: Yoga Every Day

A good belly laugh to open up the abs and let that yummy feast in.









And a great feast was had by all. Now I’m going to go do some bed yoga and go to sleep!


Day 50: Yoga Every Day

Shadow Yoga…

My husband was commenting that I really seem to dig the flow yoga better than the yoga he was first introduced to, which is Yin Yoga. It’s slower, more intense, and likely what most people think of when they think of yoga.

I find this to be one of the hardest poses.

I find this to be one of the hardest poses.

So, as this is a journey to listen to messages from the universe revolving around this practice, which is mostly physical, but also has mental and spiritual aspects to it. In the last couple of days that mental and spiritual side has really come into play.

So, I took that nudge from the universe and took about 35 minutes and worked on the seemingly simple pose that eludes me: child pose (Balasana). I also worked on a modified lotus pose, which pushed me quite a bit given the day before’s routine.

While I was basically having an internal conversation with my body, I just totally relaxed and felt like no matter what the world was going to throw at me, it all would work out.  Aerobics has never done that for me. Certainly not a battalion run, either.


Today’s been a good day.


Day 49: Yoga Every Day

Edit:  This post is late due to server farm failure. All back up and running again. Huzzah!

Kittens-Yoga-Class-Inhale---Exhale---Cat-Position-Breathing-Exercise---PranayamaToday there wasn’t very much physical yoga, I sat doing some lotus pose while figuring out some tasks and menu planning timing. But other than that, it was all mental and breathing. There was lots and lots of holiday prep to include appointments with #LifewithAutism. My Wandering Boy (MWB) was in agitation form, which made for extra stress. But I used my yoga breathing, and centered and balanced myself like I do before, during, and after a yoga session.

It worked. I didn’t take his inability to cope with the day personally, and actually kept him calm (within the confines of being a total bear yesterday). a55907a5e5686477a5c71ab08b1a40da

Since MWB learns through conditioned experience best, showing him how to not be angry and stressed is some of the best teaching I can provide him.

Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.



Day 48: Yoga Every Day

Accountability Yoga…

So, here we are, almost seven weeks into this Yoga Every Day journey, and it’s clear that folks are starting to identify me with this project. Today, two people stopped me at the grocery store to ask me about yoga, my friends and family are sending me “yoga memes” on social media, or links to work outs via instant message.


It’s a little horrifying and absolutely fantastic. Horrifying in that the pressure to keep going is building. Fantastic because you will keep me accountable. Hence why I began to blog about this and put the project in the public’s eye: Accountability.

I don’t want to stop because I want to finish this #yogaeveryday project successfully. I know what it will mean to my health and I cannot keep ignoring the demands of my body (::cough:: use it or lose it…).

So, thanks for stopping and asking me how it’s going. Thanks for the funny memes, videos, and comments. Thanks for sending me routines you think might interest me. Thanks for keeping me accountable.

I'm fully aware this is how I look most days; but, like I tell my kids, "You got to risk it to get the biscuit!"

I’m fully aware this is how I look most days; but, like I tell my kids, “You got to risk it to get the biscuit!”